How To Sell Your Sinkhole House

How To Sell Your Sinkhole HouseThe home sale process is quite complicated in general because there are so many things and factors you need to take into consideration. If there are any issues with your property, it is getting even more challenging. One of these issues is a sinkhole.

A sinkhole is known as a hole or depression in the ground that is formed when water dissolves the surface layer. If a sinkhole activity has occurred on your property and damaged it, it will be quite hard to sell your home. However, it does not mean that selling a sinkhole property is not possible at all. Actually, you have two options to consider. First, you repair your property before selling it, and second, you sell your home to a local cash buyer.

The first option: repairing your sinkhole home

A sinkhole can damage your property severely, but you can still repair it. If you consider this option, there are several things you should know:

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sinkhole Home?

If a sinkhole is small, and there is no serious damage involved, you will have to pay up to $15,000. However, usually, sinkholes cause severe damage that requires serious repair. In this case, you may have to pay up to $100,000.

Sinkhole repairs are usually expensive because the repair process involves the preparation stage, purchasing materials, testing, and investigation procedure. If you want to alleviate the costs related to the sinkhole damage, you should hire a professional engineer, who will examine your property.

There are also certain factors that determine the costs of your sinkhole repairs. They include the size of your home, its age, and some other factors.

Should You Tell About Sinkhole Damage to Your Potential Home Buyers?

It is required by law to disclose material facts about your property to prospective buyers. This means that if you are selling a home with a sinkhole, you have to inform prospective buyers about it and provide them with a copy of the original report. The report should consist of the details of what exactly happened and a detailed description of the repairs that have been completed. It is important to note that all the repairs must be completed per the recommendation of a professional licensed engineer.

The Second Option: Selling Your Sinkhole Home To A Cash Buyer

Sinkholes occur in Texas, and there are many properties affected by sinkholes. If your property was damaged by a sinkhole, you may find it challenging to sell it, at least the traditional way. In most cases, in order to sell this type of property, you will need to repair it first, which is quite expensive. Fortunately, there is another option - selling your property to a cash buyer. Many homeowners consider this way of selling a better option because it is faster, and cash buyers do not require any repairs.

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